What is IP code?


The IP code (Ingress protection code) tells you something about the load cells resistance to dirt, dust and water. The IP code is not only applied for load cells but for all electronic devices for instance your mobile phone will have an IP protection code as well.

The IP code is comprised of two numbers. So if a product labeled e.g. IP67 you will be able to see in the tables if the product is suitable for your needs. For instance, if you need your equipment to work offshore or in industrial settings, which often can be dusty, the IP code will narrow down the products you can choose from.

The first number tells you about the ability to withstand dirt and dust after being in direct contact with the matter for eight hours and the second number tells you about the resistance to water. You can see from the tables below exactly how the protection of ingress is on your products.


Ingress of solid objects


Ingress of water