Motorised cable reels

Motorised cable reels by H&K are technologically advanced and sturdily designed – for both continuous operation in ports and container terminals and reliable power supply to construction cranes as well as overhead cranes, excavators, and hoisting devices. They are designed to meet requirements for high speeds, dynamic processes, large cable cross sections and high tractive forces. The configuration of cable reels and gears is tailored to the required travel speeds and distances.

  • Spiral or cylindrical winding and unwinding of cables and hoses
  • Ideally suited for high speeds, dynamic processes, long distances and high tensile forces
  • Travel ranges up to 1000 m+
  • Large cable cross sections and high-voltage lines implementable
  • Integration of fibre optic cables for an interference-free transmission of data and control signals possible
  • Configuration of motorised cable reels and drives according to the respective customer wishes
  • Compatible with virtually all motorised drives