Buffers RME + RMV

The shock absorbing element of these buffers consists of an elastic body of polyurethane expanded resin with a microcellular structure of opened and closed cells.

This special structure makes the buffers capable of high performance as far as elasticity and energy absorbtion is concerned.

A special characterisc of these buffers is the differentiated reaction according to the impact speed: at a higher impact speed, with the same deflection, the reaction force and consequently the kinetic energy absorption capacity of the buffer increases.

Buffers RME + RMV


The buffers are designed to allow the axial deflection to reduce the compressed lenght to 25% of the free lenght. This reduction will increase the outside diameter by only 400/o.

The “deflection load” curves show that under shock loading causing upto50% deflection, the buffers reaction will be similar to metal springs. The system offers the optimum in mechanical energy absorbtion resulting in minimizing the final impact force imposed on the structure.

The material of the elastic element is anti-aging, with a good resistance to mechanical wear, oil, grease and gasoline; its structure is homoge­neous and self-extinguishing.

In each buffer a steel chain is encased and attached to the metallic support in order to avoid damage to people or property, in case of detache­ ment because of radial impacts.

The working temperature is limited to a range of -30 to a +80°C.