Load monitoring made easy

The right equipment for a brutal storm

We assist technicians in the global wind turbine industry during construction, maintenance and repairs under challenging conditions.

The right equipment for a brutal storm

Wind market

Vetec is a leading producer of weighing equipment for the wind market for applications on-shore and off-shore. Our product range comprises proven weighing and load monitoring solutions for use in demanding environments and under challenging conditions.

Our products have undergone thorough engineering development and rigorous testing in order to ensure perfect functionality in any environment.

All Vetec products are at least IP67 approved for everyday use off-shore. Specific Vetec products are IP68 approved for use in wet conditions.

We supply products that are able to measure and indicate the load as well as systems for overload protection. Our product range encompasses both wire and wireless driven products as well as mechanical and electrical load monitoring devices. Moreover, we supply the market with customized products solving the specific needs of our customers.

In most countries it is a legal requirement that weighing equipment must be controlled and calibrated once a year as minimum. Vetec provides accredited equipment for control and calibration of most weighing equipment brands.

With a Vetec Service Agreement we will take care of all aspects of maintenance, control and calibration of your weighing equipment.

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