What is CCTV?

CCTV is closed-circuit television, which means, that with the use of cameras you transmit a video feed to a specified monitor. This ensures, that only the people who are supposed to have access to the video feed has access. And for you it means complete vision of your lifting and weighing tasks.

Where can you use it?

Often it is important to see what exactly you are doing. Working in heights with cranes, offshore or in the wind industry that is not always possible. This is where CCTV comes in handy – it acts as your eyes where there is no other option. The CCTV will provide you with a live video feed, so that your people on the ground will have a safer work environment,  and will make your ability to get work done quicker greater, because you have a very precise knowledge of whats is going on and you do not have to rely on gut feelings based on poor visibility.

The CCTV solution can easily be adapted to fit any type of application: platforms, cranes, offshore, wind and even subsea. And of course, you have the possibility of recording your operations or specific events – this can be used for documentation or provide your employees with great examples of real life problem solving for training purposes.

CCTV solutions is suitable for harsh and/or remote environments and is typically available in both EX (certification of the products ability to handle explosive environments) and non-EX versions.


Examples of uses of CCTV in offshore environment

Connection with remote control for your convenience

What good is a video feed if you have nowhere to display it? Today it is possible to operate with remote controls that has a display, so that you have all the features you need right at the tip of your fingers without compromising which tasks you can control. It is even possible to connect your remote with multiple video feeds, so you do not have to switch equipment while you work to preform different tasks. Of course it is also possible to have the video feed connected to a regular monitor as well.

Safety measures that makes sense

When you use CCTV, it has great safety benefits. You can decrease the number of accidents and damages, as you have eyes on the job and can quickly detect if anything is not as it is supposed to be.

It is also possible to have automated alarms through object tracking and detection, so that you will be notified even when you are not around.

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