Engineered quality

Every product in the Vetec portfolio has its own unique characteristics – and even though the dynamometers seem similar in design, each product is designed individually to balance precision, durability and functionality;

  • Initial engineering
  • Calculations
  • Autodesk 3D drawing
  • Prototyping
  • Lab tests
  • Customer feedback

High quality steel is your guarantee for maximum safety – and the safety factor you need. All Vetec dynamometers made from certified Toolox 33 or Impax Supreme steel.

With the test of the 3.25T V-link dynamometer, we went above 21T on three separate tests. An impressive +600% of the 3.25T capacity, and still ±0.2 % full scale accuracy.

Precision and functionality goes hand in hand, and Vetec’s R&D department is constantly optimizing the way we design dynamometers.

We give you the safest, high precision and user-friendly products – Open the case and you are ready to work.

Engineered quality

The very existence of Vetec is based on reliability.

Henrik Jensen

Product manager - Vetec

Make or break!

The process of creating new products includes a number of crucial phases, testing the strength of the steel being the most critical for safety.

To make reliable tests and calibrations, we are using a range of external labs such as Danish Technological Institute and CERTEX Danmark.

The testing facilities at Vetec are tested and calibrated annually – and mandatory calibration documentation is included with every Vetec product.

Make or break!

On-point functionality

The 3.25T dynamometer opens up for unprecedented precision and includes the well known features of the V-Link series.

  • V-Link capacities: 3,25T, 6.5T, 12.5T, 25T, 55T, 100T, 120T
  • Bluetooth versions
  • Highly accurate and reliable ±0.2 % full scale accuracy
  • Very clear red digit LED display for high visibility
  • IP67 ideal for wet/humid environments
  • Robust high strength steel construction
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Ultra stabile connection
  • Peak hold function
  • Tare function
  • Overload beep
  • Data logging
  • Vetec app compatible (App store / Google Play)
  • Ergonomic transport casing




On-point functionality
Henrik Jensen

Henrik Jensen

Product Manager
Mail: hj@nordtech.dk Direkte nr: +45 3226 5085 Mobil: +45 2845 5198
Tina Sørensen

Tina Sørensen

Customer service
Mail: ts@nordtech.dk Direkte nr: +45 3226 5071 Mobil: +45 3123 7148
Jürgen Maier

Jürgen Maier

Area Sales Manager - Germany
Mail: jma@vetec.dk Direkte nr: +49 (0) 162 6875418
Lars Petersen

Lars Petersen

Mail: lp@nordtech.dk Direkte nr: +45 3226 5082 Mobil: +45 4016 6404